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Project Management Program & Certification

Project Management Program & Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most prestigious industry certification for project managers issued by Project Management Institute (PMI). According to a survey in August 2019, there are around 93k active PMP certified individuals across 200 countries and territories globally. PMP certification is based on an examination which include the following tasks:

The purpose of the PMP certification in Government, commercial, and other organizations is to improve the success rate of projects in the areas of knowledge by applying a standardized and evolving set of project management principles.

What We offering

At, Amaze Systems, our project management team work on a diverse range of projects across the geographies. Our professionals, backed by a company with over 8 years of experience, have the skills to create comprehensive solutions of project management and asset management to achieve practical and measurable goals for our clients. Our project management training and certification program give attention on the skills and knowledge of leaders and add value in the professional life. We focus on:

General Supervision and responsibilities of handling the all aspects of the project.

Lead cross-functional teams to deliver projects within schedule, budget, and resources.

Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience to properly apply a methodology to projects.

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