Talent Consulting


Talent Consulting

Our talent consulting solutions help our clients across the globe to add value in today’s competitive marketplace. Each of our skilled professional conducts a personal assessment to determine the best suited technology to achieve your business goals. We also assist you to identify and resolve business risk as you go from concept of design to the development.

Amaze Offers Strategic Support and Advisory Service to Maximize Your Company Growth

What We offering

We help your business find the right talent by Assessment & Selection services. Our professionals give you the best advice and ensures you hire the best candidates to grow your company.

  • Candidate Sourcing & Management
  • Assessment Centre Management
  • Selection Tool Design

Our wide array of employer branding services help you to empower your brand and recruit top talent. Our team work with you to identify your brand and your audience and strengthen your business.

  • Digital Innovation
  • Candidate Generation
  • Media Planning

We have specialization in creating high-quality training programs focusing on your company objectives while generating a real ROI. Our effective courses give you an opportunity to increase knowledge in areas suiting your employees and your company.

  • Professional Development
  • Up Skilling
  • Cross Skilling

We can assess your flexible working requirements and fill positions with right candidates who match your project needs. We allow you a range of hiring model for flexible workforce.

  • Fixed Price
  • Time & Material
  • Dedicated Team
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